For spiritual women of power

Called to “such a time as this”

Our first goal is $10K per month.

If you identify as a spiritual woman this is for you…

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There was a time when Spiritual Women of Power were found in women’s initiatory societies.

These women were Priestesses, Mothers, Root Women, Wise Women, Oracles and Elders.

They honored the Earth.

They governed the economy and marketplace.

Their communities prospered because of their business acumen and ability to wield spiritual power and justice.

They were wealthy, wise and powerful.

Then chaos moved in and women’s spiritual work was demonized and their economic power and influence minimized.

Communities were disrupted.

At this time we won’t go into why this happened.

What we have now in today’s society is chaos and turbulence.

This chaotic energy will continue as the patriarchal template is dismantled.

However, the time has come for women of influence and affluence to once again govern the economy and marketplace.

We are in position to transition into the new co-creative society that is inclusive, healthy and wealthy.

We are the women to create this…. And for this we need to be prepared.

Now is the time to prepare and reclaim your rightful place as a modern spiritual woman of Wealth, Feminine Power and business acumen.

In what ways are you preparing yourself?

Here is one way to prepare.

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We welcome you.

We Rise Together. Together We Rise!


Ayanna Mojica

Founder, Feminine Wealth

Leader of Women. Counselor to Men

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