5 SELF CARE TIPS During Intense Times

#FEELGOODNOW ~ 11/8/2020

During the frenzied energy released before, during and after the elections, I want to encourage you to take time to focus on your selfcare.

Do all you can to #FeelGoodNow.

As people expressi highly charged emotions female leaders need protect and fortify their energy.

So, My Beloved One, #FeelGoodNow and take really good care of yourself.

Here are five ways to support yourself during these times of intense stress.

1. Physically: Do one form of movement or exercise daily. Yoga. Dance. Hike. Bike. Run. Swim. Make love.

2. Emotionally: Talk about your feelings to someone. Feel the feel. Listen to high vibe music. Have fun. Be silly. Play. Dive into creativity. Include a creative for of expression.

3. Mental: Avoid non-stop negative media especially social media. Engage in activities you enjoy. Hang out with positive people.

4. Spiritual: Meditate. Read inspirational passages. Feed your Soul.

5. Nutrition: Fuel your body with organic wholesome foods, superfoods, water and fresh juices.

Bonus: Renew your body with deep uninterrupted sleep.

Beloved, hold steady. We are going to make it through these intense times.

If you welcome a time of rest and recreation to get away from the USA frenzy...reach out.

I would be honored to curate a special get-away for you in Mexico.

"5 Ways To Support Your Self Care During Intense Times"



Ayanna Mojica, MFA



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Practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness by the ocean and places in nature.